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Hi there,

my name is Floor and one of the most challenging things for me is to talk about what I feel. My mind is so strong that it keeps tricking me into old patterns of self-limiting beliefs. 

What a relief it was for me to land onto the table of a body worker. At one touch of a finger my body was in movement. It started a shift in what I believed was my identity.

That specific day I experienced a deep feeling of sadness that I’ve never felt before, nor could I comprehend where it was coming from, let alone how on earth that movement of my leg could be the key to the door of a never-ending journey inside. The journey of finding the pieces of my puzzle, guiding me back to my true essence.

I got hungry for the knowledge of this magic that was able to switch off my mind and uncover the truth that had been inside all this time, waiting for me to just be silent and listen. I have never felt so free and empowered, feeling that whatever I am holding stuck in my body, I can allow it to flow again. Knowing that I can teach my body to be present and free in the moment and stop myself from living in the past.

Since that session I have made it my life purpose to teach other people how to gain access to their entire being. It’s been a privilege to witness the processes of my clients, seeing them become soft and vulnerable. Letting down their guard and embodying their full potential. Finding their way back home.

Every session has been a teacher for me and I feel blessed to be at service.

Do you feel the call to work with me, but you're unsure how I can assist? Please feel invited to email or call me, we can figure it out together! If I feel I am not the right person for your process, I will refer you to other practitioners in this field of work.

Below you can find a list of trainings I followed. Bodywork came on my path after finishing a long journey in the art academy and around the world. During which I gained a lot of insights and knowledge about different kinds of people and how they experience the world. It has been to my advantage that I allowed myself the freedom to play in the art world and roam around the planet. I know what it is to be able to have lived freedom in expression and movement. It’s been a privilege. And I feel gifted to teach people to feel free inside themselves.

I am also happy to be a part of the massage team at Tension Tamers, where I am working as a massage therapist.



DONA International and Awakened Spirit Yoga, Yoga Alliance

Birth doula- and pre-natal yoga teacher training at Lago Atitlan in Guatemala


Academy for Massage and Movement, Amsterdam

2 years massage therapy according to the character studies of Reich. With techniques from holistic massage, Trager, Rolfing, Focussing and Movement with Awareness.


Embracing birth

Pregnancy massage training


Embracing birth

Post-partum massage training and massage at loss of birth


Body Learning school Milano

3 year studies to become an official Grinberg practitioner.

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