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To feel
is to heal

Deep Listening

Deep Listening is a transformative and grounded approach that delves into the depths and highs of the energetic body, employing a method centered on containing and listening. By creating a safe space of attentive presence, it facilitates the opening of a field where your body can tap into self healing and rediscover its balance.

This work is rooted in the notion of closely listening to the intricate flow of energy within the body and beyond, identifying areas of stagnation, and recognising their impact on your life experiences. Through this process you gain insights into entrenched patterns, stored pain, fear and unwanted feelings, both in the physical tissue and the energetic field, as well as within the realm of unconsciousness.

We listen together, under my committed guidance, so you can embark on a journey of exploration, unlocking the wisdom of your unique being.

By surrendering to what wants to be felt and heard and allowing all to be fully acknowledged and released, a profound cleansing occurs on all levels of the body. 

The result is a sense of lightness and liberation, a renewed harmony and alignment within your (energetic) being, a true homecoming.

Are you ready to listen and be heard?


If you’d like to learn more about how my Deep Listening would benefit you, and/or if it would make sense to combine it with my Grinberg Method® bodywork, feel warmly invited to schedule a free, 15 minute call with me.

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