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"You can book sessions with a therapist and try to understand everything with your brain, or you book a session with Floor and let your body tell the story that needs to be heard and felt. I'm absolutely amazed, mindblowing!"
- Anne Sarah Dijkhorst
“Sessions with Floor are incredibly special and valuable. Your body is your compass and holds enormous wisdom, Floor helps you to access it. She knows how to find blockages and to let these places flow again. In her sessions you get new perspectives and insights! I definitely recommend exploring with her."
- Frédérique Groenen
"Floor taught me a totally new way of inhabiting and feeling my body. I don't think I had ever realized how shallow my breathing was or where I stored my anxiety and tension until Floor guided me through some bodywork. In her sessions, Floor is gentle yet in control - I always felt safe and comfortable, even when the bodywork would sometimes bring up difficult emotions. I recommend Floor with all my heart."
- Kerttuli Lingenfelter
"I was introduced to body work thanks to Floor. I had no idea what to expect but quickly I started understanding the benefits of this type of work. I am more aware of my body, more gentle to it and I am noticing tiny sensations that I was not aware before. Floor is interested, kind and willing to help. Recommended!"
- Alize van Dijk
'Floor is a very stable and wise practitioner. She is comfortable in her wisdom. She is a trustworthy guide into the unknown, following the threads of the body. I felt safe in her hands, yet knowing that she'll give me the feedback that I want, mirroring me in a loving yet firm way. Things don't go unnoticed with her. She's not afraid to confront you with your patterns, yet doing this in a playful manner. I loved working with her and would recommend it to anybody who is willing to face their fears and learn about themselves."
- Anna La Verge
"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the exceptional skills of Floor, and I can't praise her expertise enough. From the moment I had my first session, I felt at ease. She took the time to understand my specific concerns and created a tailored session to address them. I felt safe and understood. I feel like I'm learning valuable new things about myself, releasing a lot of tension. I am grateful to have found such a talented and caring individual, and I look forward to my next session."
- Annemieke Wilms
"The sessions that I had so far, were very special.
I have never been so aware of my body and all the tensions that had accumulated in my body.
Floor guides you through the whole process through pressure points, touches and breathing techniques and I think she does that very well.
She creates a safe atmosphere where you feel comfortable and she is completely there for you. It feels very familiar to start the process with her.
By feeling and experiencing all this you learn a lot about yourself and also about your physical reactions in certain situations.
A very beautiful, special and educational process!"
- Lotte Meerdink
"Are you looking for depth, or do you really want to get to know your body, then this is the place to be. Floor is a super warm person and has so much knowledge!"

- Lily Ginsberg

"When I started my sessions with Floor. I really didn't know what to expect. But with the help of the Grinberg method and in the course of multiple sessions I learned a lot. I became more aware of my body and learned how to relax parts of the body that felt blocked. Next to that I got pointers on how to break negative patterns that inhibited the energy in my body.
Floor is very sensitive in picking up these patterns and blocked energy. She guided me through the sessions with care and got me to learn how to relax. I highly recommend booking her for your growth in body awareness."
- Jeroen Bos
"Floor offers a listening ear, knows how to hit the right points based on my story. I feel safe to open up with her, which makes me experience more connection with myself. Also in daily life my body awareness has increased in situations I wanted to work on."
- Stijn Visser
“The sessions with Floor ensure that I can get in touch with my body better. She does this by touching certain points that affect both emotionally and physically. The sessions bring awareness about why there are certain tensions in my body and how these are related to experiences in my life. During the session she stays fully present. As a person, Floor feels nice and confidential, which means that there is really room to feel. Her passion and experience is immediately noticeable and she works from a holistic approach, which I find very pleasant. After a session I often feel much calmer and relaxed and I feel like I have been able to release something."
- Niek Stronks
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