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Energetic Bodywork

A session takes about 60 minutes (including intake and integration time).

€90 inc. VAT


3 session card 
€235 inc. VAT


Grinberg Method

Intake session, 90 minutes
€90 inc. VAT

Single session, 60 minutes
€75 inc. VAT


3 session card 
€195 inc. VAT


10 session card 
€595 inc VAT

General info


Since the sessions always call for self-responsibility and willingness to work, they sometimes can be experienced as demanding. I would advise not to plan a full day after having a session, so you have time to integrate.

Cancelation fee

Cancellation of any service can only happen in writing, per text or email, to

Cancelation fee 24 hours before session starts: 100%

48 hours before session starts: 50%


Sessions in a series that has already been paid for and started cannot be refunded if canceled at any given moment. Rescheduling of sessions in a series can only happen in writing and at least 48 hours prior to the session and has to be scheduled in the time frame the card is still valid.

Price and VAT 

All prices include VAT

Sessions are deductible as coaching if you have a business or if you are a freelancer.


I hold the right to change my pricing at any given moment.

I can refer you to another practitioner, if it is needed upon my considerate evaluation.

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